‘What to do with our many Catenian ties’-by Jim Barr, Kenilworth Circle (202)

After finishing work in August last year, Jill decided that a de-cluttering of my wardrobe would be carried out. The several suits, trousers, shirts and ties would be whittled down to an appropriate number. The clothes would go into the Air Ambulance or Salvation Army bags for collection, but what about the ties.
I then remembered a conversation with Past Grand President Joe McNally at a Catenian event when he said he had enough Catenian ties to make a suit. I probably didn’t have enough ties for a suit but what about a waistcoat?
So, the project began. Our daughter Sarah agreed to combine the ties into one sheet of material but declined making the full garment. This would be outside of her skill set.
Jill researched the local sewing shops in Kenilworth and eventually was given the name of a local tailor, named Clive Bruder, who said he could use the material to make the waistcoat and was quite enthusiastic in being involved in the project.
After a couple of fitting sessions and a trip to the local haberdashery, to find buttons and a buckle, the said waistcoat was finished. It had its debut at the Kenilworth 700th Circle meeting where the attached photo was taken.
This could be a new business opportunity in my retirement. There must be thousands of circle and conference ties gathering dust in Brothers’ wardrobes.





   and here is Jim in his waistcoat

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