Vocations and Catenians

So just what do the Catenians do for the Church?

  •  Pray at every Circle Meeting for Vocations and there are over 300 Circles.
  • Every Circle is allocated one date in the year to offer a Mass for Vocations.
  • Every Circle invites their local Clergy to join them for dinner at the Annual Clergy Night.
  • The Association financially supports the National Office of Vocations, sometimes exceptionally e.g. Krakow
  • It raises money in response to an annual Appeal for support.
  • It financially supports the House of Discernment, attached to Shrewsbury Cathedral.
  • It also has the Catenian Vocations Initiative, assisting the Hierarchy to increase Vocations to the Priesthood, Deaconate and the Religious life.
  • It financially supports Catholic Youth through the Bursary Fund as well as specific events such as Flame, host to some 9000 youngsters at Wembley Arena.
  • It frequently has organised Pilgrimages to the Holy Land, Walsingham, and other sites in
  • A Faith Matters Group sits on the GB National Council
  • Its Chairman interfaces with Bishop John Arnold, representing the Bishops’ Conference
  • Currently responding to Bishop John’s Challenge to help the training of Catechists in every Parish where the Diocesan Bishop asks for assistance.
  • Responds to specific requests from their local Bishop, e.g. Province 6 raised a pledged £1m for the Birmingham Diocesan Fund for retired Priests.
  • Hundreds of Members (called Brothers) assist in their local Parishes in various capacities – Eucharistic Ministers, organising Readers, Finance, Sick Visiting etc.
  • Brothers in the Midlands set up ‘Friends of the Holy Land’, also supported by the Anglican Community.
  • A new Circle has just been founded in Nazareth and hopes are high for another in Bethlehem.
  • Some Brothers appeal on behalf of Aid to the Church in Need, supporting deprived and persecuted Christians across the world
  • Others work as volunteers for CAFOD and other Catholic support agencies.
  • On occasion our National President visits the Cardinal and the Chair of the Faith Matters Group represents the Association at Hierarchy Social Functions.

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