Roll Of Honour

Roll of Honour and Achievements of Past Provincial Presidents, Province 4 (Merseyside, Deeside and North East Wales)

1923/27          Godwin. J. Bulger                            RIP     Liverpool

1927/29          John. J. McGrane                            RIP     Birkenhead

1929/31          G. Shorten                                        RIP     Waterloo

1931/32          Wilfred Wood                                    RIP     St Helens

1932/34          J.C. Bryson                                       RIP     Liverpool Central

1934/35          George Henry Chamberlain          RIP     Liverpool + City of Liverpool

1935/38          J.J. O’Donnell                                   RIP     Wallasey

1938/41          Basil Clothier                                     RIP     Liverpool Central

1941/44          James Gaskin JP                             RIP     Liverpool

1944/46          J.L. Dedicoat                                     RIP     Waterloo

1946/48          Daniel. S. Hayes                              RIP     Wallasey

1948/49          John. J. Lawler JP KSG                  RIP     Liverpool Central

1949/50          Thomas. P. Healy JP                      RIP     Liverpool

1950/51          Jim. W. Baker KCHS                       RIP     Liverpool Central

1951/52          John. P.H. Mercer                            RIP     Southport

1952/54          J.E. Lomax                                        RIP     Waterloo

1954/56          Frank Patton JP KSG                      RIP     City of Liverpool + West Cheshire

1956/57          James. B. Worsley                           RIP     Birkenhead

1957/59          Leo Murphy                                       RIP     Wallasey

1959/60          Alf Lamble                                         RIP     City of Liverpool

1960/62          Stan. J. West                                     RIP     Waterloo

1962/63          Ken. M. Bryan                                  RIP     Liverpool South

1963/65          Jim. J. Callander                              RIP     Wallasey

1965/67          Roy. F.L. Daniel                               RIP     Waterloo

1967/68          Bernard. M. Kelly                             RIP     Liverpool Central

1968/70          Tony. A. Smith                                  RIP     West Cheshire

1970/72          William. H. Matthews                       RIP     Liverpool

1972/73          Frank. O. McDonough                    RIP     Birkenhead

1973/74          John. F. Worthington                      RIP     Southport

1974/75          Bernard. F. Carter KCHS               RIP     St Helens + Ellesmere Port

1975/76          Bill. A. Bligh                                      RIP     City of Liverpool + Liverpool South

1976/77          Jack Wilson                                      RIP     Waterloo

1977/78          Ron. J.  Arrowsmith                         RIP     Liverpool

1978/79          Roy. B. Farley                                   RIP     Southport

1979/80          James Morris                                    RIP     St Helens

1980/81          Jack. H. Cole                                    RIP     Liverpool South

1981/82          John. J. Gallagher                           RIP     Wallasey

1982/83          Eric. H. D. O’Brien                           RIP     Liverpool + Ormskirk

1983/84          Des Fleming                                     RIP     West Cheshire

1984/85          Harold Scott                                      RIP     Birkenhead

1985/86          Dick. R. Jones                                  RIP     Chester

1986/87          Ray. F. Power                                   RIP     Wallasey

1987/88          Michael. E. Sampson KSG KHS   RIP     Liverpool South

1988/89          Eric. F. Smith                                    RIP     Ellesmere Port + Birkenhead

1989/90          David Auchterlounie                         RIP     North Wales

1990/91          Jack. G. Cooper                               RIP     Liverpool

1991/92          Jack. V. Mulcahy                                         Wallasey

1992/93          Eric Seal                                            RIP     Ormskirk

1993/94          Des. J. O’Hare KHS                         RIP     Liverpool South

1994/95          Austin Roscoe                                  RIP     St Helens

1995/96          Peter Pilling                                      RIP     Liverpool

1996/97          John. P. Romney                                         Ormskirk

1997/98          Mike. V. Barry                                               Ellesmere Port

1998/99          John. W. Marmion                           RIP     Birkenhead

1999/00          Ron. M. Parr                                                 St Helens

2000/01          Ken Hardman                                   RIP     West Cheshire

2001/02          Tom. N. Doherty                                           Ormskirk

2002/03          Trevor. J. Lightbown                       RIP     Wallasey

2003/04          Hugh O’Rourke                                RIP     Liverpool

2004/05          Paddy. J. Mimnagh JP                                St Helens

2005/06          John. P. McCaffery                          RIP     Ellesmere Port

2006/07          Mike. W. Brooks                                           Ormskirk

2007/08          George. A. Morris                             RIP     Birkenhead + Wallasey

2008/09          Joe Ford                                                        Liverpool

2009/10          Terry McCaig                                                North Wales

2010/11          Bob. W. Wheelhouse KHS                         Liverpool

2011/12          Steve Cooper                                                Ellesmere Port + North Wales

2012/13          Paul. W. Butler                                             Birkenhead

2013/14          Peter. J. P. Devine KHS                             Chester + North Wales

2014/15          Jim Perry                                                       North Wales

2015/16          Mike Kelly                                                      Ormskirk

2016/17          Peter. C.  Morris                                           Wallasey + North East Wales

2017/18          Owen Ward                                                   Ellesmere Port

2018/19          Charles. J. Boulton                                      Liverpool South

2019/20          Paul. J. Hewitt                                              North East Wales

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