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Provincial Officers


Provincial Officers

Office 2019/20                                             Name                         Circle

Director                                                          Peter Devine            Chester & North East Wales

President                                                       Paul Hewitt                North East Wales

Vice President                                              Michael Burke          City of Liverpool

Secretary                                                       John Williams           St Helens

Treasurer                                                       Peter Lewis               Chester & North East Wales

Membership Officer                                     Tom Ryan                 Wallasey

Chamberlain                                                 Ray Swift                   Ellesmere Port & North East Wales

Charity Officer                                              Joe Leggett               Liverpool & City of Liverpool

Careers & Employment Officer                  Jim Reid                    Liverpool South

Vocations Officer                                         Joe Leggett               Liverpool & City of Liverpool

Marketing Officer                                         John Gannon           Ormskirk

Youth Officer (co-opted)                             Iain O’Hare                St Helens

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