Life as a Catenian Wife


Wife of Brother John Murray, Sue, tells of the benefits of being the wife of a Catenian member….
In 1977 we moved with our three young children from Liverpool to Leicester when John was appointed a deputy head in English Martyrs Comprehensive School.   At that time we had never heard of the Catenian Association.  Coping with a new home, unfamiliar parish and remote from family and friends, I began to regain social contacts at the school gate, the local baby sitting circle and neighbours.  John’s new position was demanding and much lonelier; he was far from his old pals and EFC!
An invitation to a meeting of Leicester 53 was accepted with caution and uncertainty.  “No-one talked about school” was his heartfelt comment when he came home and from that day the Catenians have provided a bolt-hole providing companionship, support and relaxation with a group of friends sharing a common faith.
We moved back to the NW in the early 90’s and again the Association enabled us to settle quickly as we were warmly welcomed by St Helens and other Circles in the Province.  Once more, we appreciated the opportunities for a break from a very busy working life that the Catenians offered.  Chatting, laughing and praying
together gave a short break from the workday stress – often tired and reluctant to go out to the meeting, John would return relaxed and delighted he had made the effort.
Now in retirement we can participate more fully in the activities.  Some of these are to raise funds for each President’s Charity.
The men have their formal monthly Circle meetings; but we women share the fun occasions generally involving eating and some wine, whether on trips, rambles, garden parties, weekends away, dances or our meals together at the Black Horse in Rainhill while the brothers are holding their meetings nearby.  As in other aspects of life, the more involved you become the more you appreciate the support and friendship in good times and difficult ones.
Sue Murray

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