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The Provincial Social Diary will be published soon-go to the 'Provincial Social Diary' tab in the Site Menu....
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Welcome to the Catenian Province 4 Site

As you browse our Sites, what I hope you will find is evidence of 10 vibrant and long established Catenian Circles. The Catenian circles consist of committed, practising catholic men who are all members of the Catenian Association which aims to strengthen our family life through friendship and faith.

We include our wives, partners and families who share in our social events and faith activities. We have a strong tradition of visiting other Catenian circles and groups which helps us to make new friends along the way.

We are also active in helping to raise funds for young catholic people to help them to participate in developmental projects and pilgrimages.

If you would like to know more about our Association, follows the links on this site and you may find an opportunity to strengthen your family life through friendship and faith as you do.

I am Provincial President for one year. I would be delighted to see new members starting to join us as a result of visiting our website and assure you of a great welcome if you do so. Paul Hewit, President

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Latest News

The Provincial Social Diary will be published soon-go to the ‘Provincial Social Diary’ tab in the Site Menu….

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